Start your next dialysis unit project the right way, and you'll save 12 months, $1.2 million, get a unit you love and will be licensed the first time.*

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Even if you've built a dialysis unit before there's a good chance you will be ripped off on your next one in time, money and trouble.  A recent survey of 449 constructed dialysis units revealed that the average time from concept to completion was 21 months with an average cost of $115/SF, including a total of 7.3% in unanticipated change orders.  Some of these projects are in lawsuits now because of errors in the design and construction that prevented licensing as planned.  Many of the doctors, administrators, nurses and patients are not happy with the end product.  There is a better way.

You can make your project happen in 9 months or less** from concept to completion for 66% of the average cost and with none of the hassles if you just know what to do. Taylor Management Associates has completed 231 projects across the US with an average time from concept to completion of 9 months. (We did one in only 5 weeks.)  Our average cost is $76/SF.  All units have been certified as planned and there is not one lingering complaint from a doctor, administrator, nurse or patient.  Change orders are less than 1.5% in total. We have saved the average client 21 times the amount of our fees, 865 hours of their own time, helped them get the unit they actually wanted and made the entire process hassle-free for them while doing it.
**Excludes NJ, CT, RI and IL

10 Critical Steps To Opening A Dialysis Unit - 
And How To Make Them All Work For You 

"Taylor Management Associates saved us 6 months and $211,319 in construction costs alone on our 24-station dialysis unit.  With open communication and frequent construction updates, I was able to spend the time I needed on the clinical administrative side of the clinic startup.  Our unit was open and operating 6 months ahead of our competition, and it is exactly what I want.  I will never build another dialysis unit without Taylor Management Associates." 
Dr. James Lewis, MD, Riverside Nephrology Associates, Columbus, OH 

*Click here to see exactly how you might lose 12 months and $1.2 Million.  

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